The Grand Dome

I have been waiting all Christmas to get the opportunity to photography the recently restored dome of 333 Collins Street. This building used to be the former seat of the Commercial Bank of Australia. It is perhaps the most opulent office building in Melbourne, with major recruitment and consulting firms that operate out of this building. This domed chamber of the former bank dates back to 1891, and has been repainted several times. In 1939, the old bank decided to demolish the existing building in a bid to rebuild and modernise. This key feature and the vestibule were retained. There was a further move to completely demolish the building in 1973, but Melburnians rallied to save the building. This image has been shot with an Olympus E-PL5 and a Rokinon Fish-eye lens. It is the lens that makes it possible to capture the entire enormity of the dome in all its detail and opulence.

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