The Gardens by the Bay

If you have never visited Singapore, you are missing out. This island nation built predominantly on reclaimed land has invented, and reinvented itself over the decades, built on a strong work ethic and an uncompromising view on order. The city has many draw-cards for tourists, all of which are easy to get to, thanks to a super-efficient rapid transport system, and affordable taxis everywhere you go. One of the most well-known landmarks in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Right next to it are the Gardens by the Bay, and Super-Tree Grove, which are a must-see for every tourists visiting here. This view is from across the river, from the bottom of the Singapore Flyer. It was taken shortly after sunset, where the rays of the sun from below the horizon still offered some residual light to illuminate the sky and the clouds. Singapore sits directly underneath the equator; sunsets in this part of the world never last very long.

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