The Ceiling of the Legislative Council in the Parliament of Vict

There was a time when Melbourne was the wealthiest city in the world. In the mid 1800s, the discovery of Gold in Victoria triggered a gold rush. As the population of the state, and particularly, Melbourne, grew, the need for a form of government became evident. The locals adopted a Westminister-style two-house form of government, which in turn, led to the construction of a seat of the government and what is known today as Parliament House. The Legislative Council is the upper house of this government, and is located on the Southern Side of Bourke Street. Its decor is red – not unlike the Senate in Canberra. It was finished in 1856. Its ceiling is intricately decorated with a series of latticed recesses, and eight Angels – each atop each column. Between 1901 and 1927, Parliament House was home to the Commonwealth Parliament. It is still yet to be fully completed.

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