Lightroom Presets for Product Photography Vol. 2 – Colours on Pine

A set of 112 Lightroom Presets to apply effects to images of products photographed with pine wooden grain background to make them stand out and attract potential customers.

The 112 presets cover 12 standard colours with 7 levels of exposure each.

The following are some before and after sample images using these presets.

  • Before-Dark Blue Shoes
    After-Dark Blue Shoes
    Before Dark Blue Shoes After
  • Before-Tan, Blue and Red Shoes
    After-Tan, Blue and Red Shoes
    Before Tan, Blue and Red Shoes After
  • Before-Tan Shoes
    After-Tan Shoes
    Before Tan Shoes After
  • Before-Red Shoes
    After-Red Shoes
    Before Red Shoes After
  • Before-Boxes
    Before Boxes After

Humans are very visual creatures, especially when it comes to purchasing a product. In this day of online shopping, it is very important to ensure that your product makes the best first impression when viewed online.

These Lightroom presets were specifically built to make images photographed under continuous light on a pine grain background stand out. Their core objective is to reflect your products in the very best light so that they look their best to potential customers. They will rapidly speed up your post processing work flow when listing images for purchase on eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist, or your very own online store.