Hopetoun Falls

Nestled away in the Otways, Hopetoun Falls is one of several waterfalls in close vicinity to each other, and along the same approach route to Beauchamp Falls. It is relatively easy to get to, and is definitely worth the visit. It is one of the many iconic waterfalls of the Otways which is best viewed on an overcast day, especially after there have a few passing showers in the area. The waterfalls are at there best in the winters after a rainstorm or passing shower. In the summers, the area typically offers a cool relief to visitors, but the flow over the falls can be somewhat of a disappointment. This image was shot on a very overcast day when it was threatening to pour down. I used an ND400 to allow myself a 30-second exposure in the day. If you’re in the general area, this is must-see waterfall.

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