An Indian out wandering about

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Hi! My name is Debashis Talukdar – my friends call me D.

I’m a regular Indian-born, British-raised, American-educated, Asia-based Australian.  I currently live in Singapore.

I’ve spent my whole life travelling and moving around. During my early life, it was thanks to the nature of my dad’s career aspirations (he’s a surgeon with the true heart of a healer who worked in some of the most impoverished places in the world to heal the wounded). As an adult it was as a result of a conscious choice to see the world, along with the nature of my career.

In 2016, my employer posted me in a role in Singapore, which opened up South East Asia to me. It’s put over a dozen destinations within a couple of hours from my home base. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to go walkabout.

I have a fondness – in no particular order – photography, travel, food, Excel, programming, piano, music and general geeky stuff. I host a photography site, have a few online travel guides, make a few Lightroom presets, and occasionally, get around to releasing a short film every now and then.

Technically – I’m not Indian anymore (The consular officer made it very clear to me as she clipped off the corner of my Indian passport, when I went in to get my Overseas Citizenship of India, after having become an Australian citizen). However, you can take the Indian out of India; you can never take India out of the Indian. My Indian heritage is part of me, and nothing in the world will ever change that.

This Indian is out and wandering about!

All opinions on this site, unless otherwise stated, are my own. All content, unless otherwise stated, has been created by myself.