Windows 10 DOS Here


As an occasional developer, I like the ability to be able to right click and bring up a Command Prompt with minimal mouse clicks. In previous versions of Windows, there used to be the “DOS Here” Powertoy. Windows 10 got a little simpler, where by holding the shift key down while right clicking on a folder name, you can invoke a DOS Prompt at the location of the folder. No additional software tweaks required.

Windows 10 Powertoys

If you’re a legacy Windows Power User, you would have appreciated the benefits of having the Windows Powertoys are your service. Windows 10 offers this too, though there is a small hack behind it. To enable Powertoys in Windows 10, create a folder on your desktop and name it:


The icon will change from a regular folder to a control panel like icon. It will contain “power user” settings for Windows 10, which while nowhere as impressive as in earlier versions of Windows, makes it convenient to have it all in one place.