Docklands (Winter Fireworks)

Every year, the City of Melbourne puts on a bit of a show for its residents in the form of winter fireworks. What started off as Fireworks in July has now become a two month show every Friday at 7p.m. throughout July and August. The event is free and is family friendly. However, it is worth staying tuned to the City Of Melbourne’s Twitter feed so that you’re up to speed of any cancellations that may result from inclement weather or dangerous conditions.

Location and how to get there

The Google Map above shows the Victoria Harbour, the launch site of the fireworks, the most common vantage points, and parking spots. This is a popular urban spot, and there are generally a decent number of people about on the night of the fireworks. I recommend either driving or cycling to this spot, though one could take public transport quite comfortably.


The fireworks start at 7:00pm. Allow yourself about 30 minutes to stake your claim on your spot, and to get set up.


Consider visiting a few days before the event to scope out which spot will work best for you. I recommend the spot on Victoria Harbour directly opposite the Melbourne Star.

Camera Gear

  • Your camera and lenses (of course);
  • A micro-fibre wipe/cloth to keep the lens clean;
  • Tripod;
  • Intervalometer or Cable release.

Non Camera Gear

  • Comfortable walking shoes;
  • Appropriate outer gear (sufficiently warm clothing, gloves and a hat);
  • A headlamp, torch or flash light;
  • A snack and water (you might get peckish or thirsty).
  • Mobile phone.

Camera settings and post-processing

I have written up an extensive tutorial on photographing fireworks.