An Indian out walking about!

Hi! I’m Debashis. I’m a middle-aged empathetic, old school gentleman and somewhat reformed photographer who has ditched his heavy camera gear in favour of shooting with mobile devices, 360 cameras and drones.

Walkabout Indian is my photoblog! Thank you for visiting.

The name Walkabout Indian is a hat tip to my Indian heritage and my Australian nationalism. I’m Indian born, British raised, American educated, and live in Singapore.

I like to travel and predominantly shoot landscapes and cityscapes. In Australian, wandering around is typically referred to as going walkabout.

A few years ago, I grew tired of carrying heavy gear around with me wherever I went. Mobile devices had come a long way, and with people increasingly viewing images on smaller, mobile devices, I came to a stage where I still loved to take photographs and make short films.

This is where I showcase my results and share my workflow.